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rather breezy conditions. that's what i expect for the rest of the night tonight. here's where the snow is, up between philadelphia, new york city. they're seeing heavy bands of snow through portions of jersey, including along the coast. areas that are hard hit by sandy are seeing snow. that is not good news for them. a live shot towards trenton, new jersey. this is a little bit earlier this afternoon. as the snow was falling, the snow continues to fall there right now. we'll continue to see that snow piling up in that region. they could see two to four, maybe five inches of snow before it's all said and done for them. unfortunately that could mean more power outages. for us, 45 degrees, winds out of the north at 16 miles per hour. cloudy skies with rain moving in. temperatures are on the cold side. look at these windchills, sitting at 35 in gaithersburg, 38 at the airport and 37 in manassas. once again, this will not be a big event for us. i'll come back and tell you what the big event will be, though, in just a minute. a live look at reagan
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national airport where a number of flights heading north have been canceled already. united airlines suspended most of its service this afternoon. american airlines joined in. canceling flights to philadelphia. most airlines are warning passengers they need to reschedule and waiving some flight fees. after his victory last night, president obama and the first family are due back in washington this hour. his long day started with the early-morning victory speech. soon he needs to get back to work with congress to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. keith russell is tracking the president's travel today. keith? >> hey, wendy. president obama and the first family are running a little bit behind schedule. they were supposed to be landing back our way in the next few
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minutes. but after a late-night celebrating of reelection victory, they just boarded air force one in chicago. 2 million votes separated the president from mitt romney last night. president obama acknowledged there's a lot of hard work ahead. if there's no spending compromise by december 31st, taxes will go up for every american new year's today. he called the top lawmakers from both parties. harry reid said, he's not kicking the can down the road. and says, any solution should include higher taxes on the richest of the rich. at his victory rally this morning, the president told supporters the best is yet to come. >> i believe we can seize this future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of
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our individual ambitions. and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said if the president wants to move to the political center, they will meet him halfway. paul ryan will resume his role as budget committee chairman. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. the morning headlines out in front of the museum today declared an obama victory. two simple words for the "washington post" and others, obama wins. "the denver post" took a rallying cry from the campaign stops, fired up. the headline for the detroit free press, four more years, and a more sobering take from the hartford current, work to do. the markets took a post-election day tumble tonight. the dow was down more than 300 points. it fell below the 13,000 mark
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for the first time since september. the nasdaq and s&p also suffering big losses. the sell-off was triggered by worries over the looming fiscal cliff here at home. also concerns about europe's struggling economy. virginia's new senator-elect tim kaine said he's ready to hit the ground running when he takes office. julie carey tells us more. >> reporter: tim kaine's long 19-month campaign may be over but in his first news conference as senator-elect, the promise to voters now he says is finding a way to work across party lines to tackle pressing issues, like the sequester and the budget. >> to the extent that i won by a couple of points, i think it was largely because people looked at me and believed that i would be able to go into the senate and just be an extra voice in the common ground caucus.
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we just need to add more voices to that common ground caucus. >> reporter: kaine said if he starts senator orientation soon, he wants to find a republican senator to partner with. he tells news4 he's already got well wishes from some on the other side of the aisle. >> i've had calls from senators from both parties, yes. >> reporter: kaine already has a strong working relationship with the other democratic senator mark warner, someone he's known for more than three decades. >> i've already figured out i've got to make coffee and bring it to his office every morning. so, i mean, look, i'm joking around a little bit. >> reporter: he said his early senate business will be to tackle two issues. the looming sequester plan that could bring devastating defense cuts and deciding what to do about the bush era tax cuts. he hopes they'll head off the defense cuts before he's sworn in. >> with the sequester, that can be a springboard into solving the big picture problem in the
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right way. >> reporter: kaine said he's already got his sights set on the committee assignments. he would like to follow in the footsteps of john warner and jim webb and get a spot on the armed services committee. a major upset in the district. for the first time since 1998, an incumbent council member is defeated. michael brown lost his seat to david grosso. >> i think the people of district columbia finally feel like they're engaged in the government and have a say in where we go. i think electing me this way makes that statement. but also votes on the amendments also says the same thing. that it's all tied together and they want to move our city forward when it comes to just who our politicians are and how we're going to govern or city. >> it took 60 firefighters to put out this apartment blaze in anne arundel county this morning. the seven oaks neighborhood.
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the anne arundel fire department tells us everyone got out safely. 12 units were damaged. 30 residents were displaced. a stolen fbi weapon and some strange gun incidents have caused leesburg police to launch a manhunt tonight for jonathan cowden. pat collins has the new developments. >> reporter: jim, the manhunt for jonathan cowden ended about 30 minutes ago. we begin our story now with police spokesman chris tidmore. >> so he turned himself in? >> at 4:30, he turned himself in. he was brought into custody. >> without incident? >> no incident at all. >> reporter: police today looking at this cinder block wall and what appears to be a bullet hole. the wall is close to that house, which they say is the home of jonathan alexander cowden. they say they want to talk to him about a number of unusual
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gun incidents in leesburg. including a weapon and other items that police say may have been taken from the fbi. here's how it all went down. tuesday morning just after midnight, a tow truck driver said someone fired shots at him while he was in the parking lot of an apartment complex on plaza street. the driver wasn't hit, but his window blown out. police respond to the scene. >> the police came to your house? >> yes. >> and your daughter told them she heard two shots? >> yes. >> right after midnight on november 6th? >> yes. >> and she said they came from the back there someplace? >> yes. >> reporter: the investigation leads to cowden's home across the street. police searched the place. they say they discovered a cache of weapons, a bulletproof vest and some ammunition. at least one of those weapons and the vest, they believe, was stolen from an fbi car last year. carl caesar is the next-door
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neighbor. he was home when police made their move. and you saw them take out a safe? >> they brought a safe out right out there, and had the response team, the heavy-duty response team come over and cut it open. >> reporter: he's facing two charges, removal of a serial number from a weapon and possession of stolen property. again, jonathan cowden in custody tonight. they say he worked as a security guard, that he had a concealed weapons permit, that he's the father of a young boy. live in leesburg, pat collins, news4. a d.c. man who claims he placed bombs that targeted amtrak trains is going to prison. michael dennis pled guilty in august admitting he called amtrak two different times claiming he put a bomb at the new york avenue bridge near union station. amtrak delayed trains because of those calls and a judge sentenced dennis to 20 months in prison, a $5,000 fine, community
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service and some counseling. we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00 tonight. plans for the inauguration already coming together. so will it be a huge transportation challenge? it looks like flooding from a hurricane, but it's one massive water main break in charm city. voters approver same-sex marriage for maryland. chris gordon looks at how people in prince george's county voted for question 6, and what is up next. stay with us.
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starting on january 1st, new
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year's day, gay marriage will be legal if maryland. voters approved ballot 6 and the issue brought out strong beliefs on both sides. news4's chris gordon spoke to people who fought for and against same-sex marriage. >> we are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> reporter: martin o'malley was credited for his leadership. supporters of marriage equality celebrated the victory for gay marriage. >> it came down to people understood there is equality, what marylanders believe in. >> reporter: question 6 passed despite the fact that in prince george's county, 51% of the voters cast ballots against it. leading a community divided. >> i can never accept the fact that they're finding two of the same sex as being a marriage. now, that's just not what --
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what america's supposed to be defined as. >> i think it's a wonderful thing. they should have the same rights as everyone else. >> reporter: one religious leader here in prince george's county, not only supports marriage equality, but actually did a tv ad in support of question 6. he's the senior pastor here at a baptist church in clinton, maryland. >> i believe the issue of marriage equality is one of the defining civil rights issues of our day. but i think we can provide marriage equality in a way that doesn't infringe upon people's religious freedom as well. >> reporter: some maryland pastors say they can't accept gay marriage, citing the bible. >> it's very clear there that marriage is between a husband and a wife. or a man and a woman. going all the way back from the garden of eden. >> reporter: while some will never accept gay marriage, maryland voters have decided the day has come. question 4 won easily on the
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maryland ballot, voters approving the plan to let undocumented students pay in-state tuition at public colleges. it is the state's version of the dream act. students must attend a maryland high school for three years and they or their parents must show they filed state income taxes during that time. maryland is the first state in the country to approve this measure by popular vote. more than a century after its founding, maryland's last dry community is about to get wet. voters in damascus and upper montgomery county approved a measure by a 2-1 margin to lift the ban on alcohol sales in the town. that law will go into effect next month. there are some restrictions, only hotels and sit-down restaurants can apply for the alcohol license and will only be able to sell beer and wine. thank you very much. we're really happy. >> storm water improvements will be coming to the huntington area of fairfax county. voters approved selling $30
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million in bonds to build a levee and pumping station along cameron run here. they're hoping the project is finished before another big storm comes along. >> we're affected at least three times, four times, since 2006. finally we'll be happy for the next several years. >> county planners already working on a timeline now for when the project can be finished. there's a lot of cleanup to do in baltimore after a 60-inch water main break this morning along north charles street. water gushed down the road and into several homes and businesses, even parts of penn station, forcing amtrak to close one of its tracks. it's not clear how long it will take to get everything fixed. doug's a busy man tonight. they are really busy to our northeast. >> and even our coast toward ocean city, maryland, where they're talking about the moderate to potentially severe flooding once again. we're talking about the bay in
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ocean city. if you have a home on the bay out there, this is something you might want to worry about. they're talking about flooding very close to what we saw just last week. we do not want to sew that at all. all up and down the east coast from long island, through boston, this storm is hitting people very hard. as we've been talking about the last couple of days, for us, we're not seeing us get hit hard at all. first off, the radar picture, if you take a look outside, we've got plenty of clouds across the region. we are starting to see some shower activity and some light rain moving in. that is all it is right now. light rain. i would not be surprised to see a few snowflakesed mixed in from time to time. most of this is in southern maryland, around fredericksburg. but most of this is very, very light. you may need to put those windshield wipers on just a little bit. but that is it. as you can see here, this is
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where the snow is, up through new york, trenton, new jersey, around the philadelphia area, seeing a mixture of rain and snow. and right along the shore, the places that were hit hardest by sandy, the jersey shore, long island, staten island, they are seeing tremendous snow right now. and not just with snow, they're looking at very strong winds, upwards of 40, 50, 60 miles nor. a lot of people up there have talked about that power going out. they've gotten it back now. now they're worried the power will go out once again. first off, the storm impact in our area, no watches, no warnings at all. but look up toward the north and east. we've got a winter storm warning in philadelphia. that's just been canceled, now it's a winter weather advisory. long island, new york, to the jersey shore toward southern portions of delaware, and coastal flood warnings as i talked about, including ocean city. a live shot there right now. ocean city, maryland, going to get hit pretty hard here. as you can see the boardwalk
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just seeing the rain across this region. this should be all rain. the ocean should be okay. as these winds come around to the northwest one more time, it could be the bays that see the flooding. we'll continue to watch out for that, too. 45 degrees in our area, too. plenty of cloud cover across the region. look at this, relative humidity only 52%. that is a very dry atmosphere. it's going to take a lot of time for it to make its way down, rain make its way down and actually start to show itself as rain. most of this probably not hitting the ground around our region. 39 right now in gaithersburg. 41 in leesburg. 49 in winchester. everybody seeing windchills in the low to mid-30s. that's where we're going to stay. here's the best news. this storm moves out of here early tomorrow. this is going to be a fast mover. chilly and windy conditions behind it, even for us. i think by tomorrow afternoon we'll see the sunshine. then things change for us in a great way. high pressure moves in.
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the warm weather moves in. this weekend is looking spectacular. probably the best weekend we've had in quite some time. light rain, snow, mixing in from time to time, cold and rather windy. best chance of rain and snow mix would be to the north and east of d.c. as we move through the next couple of days, well, here you go. 53 tomorrow. becoming sunny late in the day. rather breezy. 60 on friday. 67 saturday. 70 on sunday. >> whoa! >> monday, tuesday and wednesday, not bad. but another strong storm coming in on tuesday. that one could actually bring thunderstorm activity. but this weekend, saturday and sunday, a lot of us starting to look pale, losing those tans, maybe a good opportunity to lay out there. that's the good news. >> you've earned it. >> i'll get out my indian summer clothes. >> thank you, doug. the man grabbing women's butts. strikes again in northern
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virginia. a look at how twitter and facebook blew up last night during the election results. and in sports, the whole season on the line for d.c. united. is it do or die play-off game tonight.
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when we talk football, we're
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in a bye week, so we're talking football. >> this is exciting soccer. it's play-off soccer. dc united, their season is on the line. final match of the two-game play-off series with the red bulls. hurricane sandy forced the switch in the venue. tonight's game is in new york. the road provided woes for this team earlier in the season. but they have turned their season and fortunes around. and ready to keep that trend going tonight. >> rfk stadium is rocking. >> we executed, we were together as a team. and we outbattled them. i think if we bring that, we'll do well in new york. >> reporter: at rfk, dc united found the scoreboard going up 1-0. >> he's been so huge.
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>> the crowd is delirious. >> reporter: then united returned the favor. a ball got past the outstretched hands of bill. >> you've still got to make that catch. >> reporter: a must-win situation on the road tonight. regardless of the circumstances, they're playing it pretty cool around here. >> i wouldn't say we're back against the wall. we go into new york, you've got to come away with a victory. >> reporter: the team is unbeaten in the last four away games. two wins and two draws, all part of an eight-game unbeaten streak that dates back to september. >> it's the play-offs. i think everyone's revved up, ready to go. i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: sound defense and opportunistic offense will be key tonight. in offense, they could see the return of captain duane.
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>> definitely. he can always bring that special something. coming off the bench, it would definitely add something. >> reporter: zachary keach, news4 sports. thank you, zach. their captain, duane ro sario may be returning. rehabbing that sprained ncl. the weather in new york has turned nasty again. a nor'easter is hitting that area. doug kammerer is predicting it will be tough for him to finish that match tonight. we're going to keep our fingers crossed and stay tuned. >> let us know, carol. coming up, another four years as first lady. michelle obama shows off her outfit that is trending today. >> of course it is. question 7 passed in maryland. so what is next, as maryland brings a casino with table games to the state? cars, buses, trains, people, all packed in, inauguration
5:27 pm
planning already under way. i'm adam tuss.
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a fast forward through the headlines. president obama and the first family on their way back to washington.
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the manhunt for a leesburg man is over tonight. jonathan cowden turned himself in to police around 4:30 this afternoon. police wanted to talk to cowden about a gun incident in his apartment parking lot and also about guns and a bulletproof vest they found in his house during the search. they believe some of it was stolen from an fbi car last year. so far, cowden faces two charges. crews breaking out the salt trucks in new jersey, gearing up for a wintry blast. the region battered last week by superstorm sandy set to be hit by another coastal storm. governor chris christie warning that people who just got power back, they could potentially lose it again. doug, what's going on? >> none of those problems around our yea. i'm not expecting really any impacts from this storm at all. i brought the umbrella just in case. what i really needed was the coat. it was a little colder than i thought it would be. no worries, i saw a little bit of a sprinkle and flurry just
5:31 pm
now, in parts of our area around northwest around the station. you can see where the rain/snow is, baltimore, waldorf, southern maryland, most of it falling with light precipitation. but most of it also not reaching the ground. the heaviest stuff is up towards philadelphia and toward jersey and the jersey shore. they're seeing heavy snow in parts of that area and they'll continue to see it. some areas in connecticut have picked up between four and six inches of snow. for us, it's going to be the colder temperatures. windchills out there right now, sitting at 35 in gaithersburg, 35 in leesburg, 41 in fredericksburg. baltimore, windchill at 36. look at easton, gusts over 20 to 30 miles per hour. windchill right now sitting at 30 degrees. we're going to continue to watch this very closely, as the coastal storm makes its way up and out of here. once again tonight, you'll probably need the umbrellas, you may need the coats. and i need my gloves. just saying. we'll talk much more about this
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and when we can put all of this stuff away in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. just the day after president obama's reelection and plans are already being made for inauguration day. >> from the roads to the rails, everybody beginning to prep for hundreds of thousands of people to descend on the nation's capitol. adam tuss is at freedom plaza with a look at what they're getting started on today. adam? >> reporter: well, wendy, with the election over, inauguration transportation planning now take center stage. the question is this. how will everyone gets around? here on the west lawn of the capitol, the inauguration stage already taking shape. huge crowds here four years ago. metro's busiest ridership day ever with president obama's first inauguration, 1.5 million trips on trains and buses. it was packed. inauguration this time falls on monday, january 21st. which also happens to be the martin luther king jr. holiday. metro says the ridership numbers
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could be cut in half compared to four years ago. other transportation crews expecting a smaller turnout as well. >> we don't know. we put a range between 500,000 and 800,000. we'll get more updated numbers from the park service, from secret service as we get closer to the date on what to expect. >> reporter: metro is already ordering up about 100,000 commemorative smart trip cards, they'll cost $15 each. tour buses will need to park somewhere. of course, there's the issue of funneling tens of thousands of pedestrians around the city. transportation leaders will be studying up to see what they can do better. in the penn quarter section of the district have gotten used to dealing with the challenges. >> the last inaugural event that we had, with mr. obama, we had large barricades up. >> you just know you're not going to be able to drive or get around like normal on those details. but it's just part of living in d.c. >> reporter: just one day after
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the election, the electricity is evident when talking about the inauguration. >> i'm definitely excited about it. it's a good time for the city, for america. i'll be here. >> you will be here? >> yes, sir. i suggest everyone else come as well. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you about the plans to get you in and out of metro station for the inauguration this time around. reporting live in the district, adam tuss, news4. maryland passed one of the most contested issues on the ballot, and one of the most expensive. question 7, expanding gambling in the state. prince george's county tracee wilkins with what the executives have to say about the casino landing in their area. >> reporter: we also talked with voters this morning. while it passed in prince george's county by a large majority, there are still plenty of voters who didn't want to see that happen. now everyone wrapping their minds around this.
5:35 pm
fireworks over national harbor. an afternoon press conference on the subject -- >> i think it will give us the type of site on the east coast that you're not going to see anywhere else. >> reporter: county executives joined prince george's baker to reflect on what they were all able to accomplish in maryland and prince george's county. with baker's leadership. >> without his leadership, without his commitment, and his forceful ability to go out and help make the case initially, and to help carry us across the finish line, we bo not be here. >> reporter: gaming expansion passed in maryland 52% to 48%, and 59% to 41% in prince george's county. leaving a large minority of voters unhappy. >> i voted against it. but i was overruled, so prayerfully it will bring jobs and do everything they say it's supposed to do. >> i'm conflicted. but it is what it is. and we'll see. we do need the jobs. >> i'm not in favor. >> reporter: prince george's
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county executive baker said once the casino is built, those who didn't want question 7 to pass, may be singing a different tune. >> i think they're going to be very pleased. it's a great day for prince george's county. and a great day for the state of maryland. >> reporter: it's going to be about three to four years before prince george's county actually sees a casino open. and that was by design. coming up on news4 at 6:00, i'm going to explain exactly why there's a wait and what to expect in the meantime. tracee wilkins, reporting live, news4. the search is on for a man wanted in connection with theft, for forgery and fraud incidents. they're looking for a 28-year-old from prince george's county. he stole a truck and u-haul trailer from the parking lot of two hotels. police believe he's also responsible for several other vehicle thefts dating back to at least 2009. once he's arrested, he's expected to face several charges
5:37 pm
in several different counties across northern virginia. and take a look at this guy in these photos. police in arlington say he's been stealing credit cards from the gym lockers in the area. robert brockington has been spotted in several north arlington gyms. investigators say he used stolen credit cards in stores throughout the region. he has a tattoo on the side of his neck. if you know where he is, call the police in arlington. coming up, tracking the use of social media during election results. people waited five hours last night to vote in prince william county. they tracked down what went wrong and what's planned to fix the problem next time. i'm jackie bensen. women in this springfield neighborhood are unnerved to learn of another assault by a is-called serial groper. i'll have that story.
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in bethesda today, the uso celebrated the groundbreaking for a brand-new warrior and family center that will be constructed on the grounds of the walter reed national medical center. the cottage-like facility will provide space for wounded service members to meet privately with their families, even share a cooked meal together. the family center will also offer recreation and counseling services for families. this is the second such center in the washington area. the first was at fort belvoir in northern arlington. tonight's "wednesday's child" calls himself a country boy, and loves all things outdoors. >> that includes animals, especially dogs. and he would like to have one of
5:41 pm
his own, but first he needs a place to call home. we're introduced to william. >> what a welcome we got from georgia, the golden retriever. >> hey, georgia, what do you think of georgia? >> she's pretty. >> 16-year-old william loves dogs. so this is a great way to be greeted, at a shop in arlington that has everything for man's best friend. even a dog trainer, allison coates. william enjoyed helping out with a little training session. >> william is a self-proclaimed country boy. he loves anything outdoors. he loves to swim. he's very hands-on. >> reporter: william, who has had to move from one foster home to another over the past eight years, says he once had a dog at one of his placements. >> i taught it how to sit. and actually it was my dog. so i just trained it. like it was my dog. >> reporter: but he never cooked up dog biscuits like laura does. she gave us a lesson. >> i think she likes peanut butter. what do you think? would you like to have another
5:42 pm
dog? >> i would. >> maybe that's what we should look for is a family for you that likes dogs, so you could have your own dog. >> we're looking for a two-parent home, well experienced family who could be patient with william and provide him with the structure and consistency that he needs. >> reporter: there were gifts for william to take home. including a sweatshirt big enough for his 6'4" frame, and a game called golden dopoly that made him smile at the thought that some day he might have a real home of his own, and a dog like georgia. >> if you have room in your home or your heart for william, or another child, call or visit up next on news4 at 5:00 tonight, it's happened again, another groping in a northern virginia neighborhood. actress eva longoria's emotional reaction to president obama's victory. take a look. our storm just off the coast.
5:43 pm
not bringing us much at all. but a completely story up to the north around new york and philadelphia. take a look at a live shot right now in philadelphia. that's 30th street station in the beautiful cirrus center.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
it's going to get messy out there in a little bit. let's get more from our chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer, right here in the storm center4. >> that's it. there you go. >> way to go. >> guys, i think really for us
5:46 pm
tonight, i think we're going to be okay. we're seeing a few sprinkles but dry air around our region. we're not seeing any of this make its way down to the ground so i'm not too worried about that. as far as the temperatures go right now, we're looking at temperatures around 45 degrees out at the airport. that's what we're going to continue to see here as we move through the rest of the night tonight. those windchills, however, a completely different story. 45 degrees with winds out of the north at 16, puts our windchill at 38 degrees. you walk outside right now, you'll feel what i'm talking about. it is a very cold evening. 39 in gaithersburg, 43 in college park and 44 in fort belvoir. most of this falling to temperatures in the 40s, will fall as light rain for the most part. but i do think we'll see a few flurries mixed in. i don't anticipate many problems around our region. i really don't. but if they were to happen, they would be from washington around the d.c. metro area to the north and the east. that's where we could see some mixing here, down to the south. this stuff not really reaching
5:47 pm
the ground around fredericksburg, back towards lur a. if it does, it will most likely fall in the form of rain. as we look towards the north and the east, this is where the storm is. you can actually see the center of this storm as it makes its way up to the north. new york city, boston, connecticut, getting hit hard, around philadelphia where we just showed you the live picture, and the shore points getting hit very hard from this, too. take a look at this map. you can see the storm impacts around washington, no watches, no warnings. you have to go north of baltimore for winter advisories. philadelphia. high wind warnings also for new york. this was hard hit by hurricane sandy just last week. we're going to go right now to a reporter from nbc 4 in new york, with a little bit more on what's happening toward rockaway beach. >> reporter: good evening to you. you can see the snow coming down pretty hard right now. it is starting to accumulate here on the streets. what you can't see are the homes behind me.
5:48 pm
we're here on beach 130th street, this entire neighborhood, all the rockaway is pretty much in the dark. it's been like this since sandy rolled in. no heat. that is a big concern right now. >> actually, what you were looking at there, he was standing on the street. what you were looking at on the sides was not snow, that was the sand that went into rockaway beach from sandy. they're dealing with a lot of problems there. that area still without power. even if some areas did get power on, this storm is expected to knock out more power. we really dodged a bullet once again in the d.c. metro area. 32 degrees in gaithersburg overnight tonight. 29 in culpepper. anything that does fall, we could see a few slick spots on the roads, especially the bridges and overpasses. tomorrow i think we'll break out into sunshine by late in the day. 53 in leesburg. and 53 in the d.c. metro area. nicer afternoon. then look at this. 60 on friday, 67 on saturday,
5:49 pm
sunday and monday temperatures could get over 70. these storms hopefully will be a memory sooner rather than later. >> thank you, doug. tonight police have stepped up patrols in one part of springfield, virginia, because police say nine women have been grabbed from behind and groped. news4's jackie bensen is live with more on the investigation. and why police believe the same suspect is responsible for all of these attacks. jackie? >> reporter: good evening, jim. well, one resident told me, this isn't funny. it's scary. they fear the suspect will escalate their behavior. >> they would like to see this guy caught now, i can tell you that. >> reporter: the 42-year-old woman who was grabbed from behind while in front of her home on hibling avenue last friday afternoon had no idea it was part of a strange series of crimes that has resulted in an intensive search for the suspect. he's seen here in a sketch created with the help of the
5:50 pm
victims. >> when she told the friend about it, notified her and said, these have been taking place in the neighborhood. you need to call police right away. >> reporter: the hibbling avenue assault was by the same man in a 30-minute period that day, a half hour earlier at 4:00 p.m. a woman walking in the 7200 hundred block of commerce street was also groped from behind. nine assaults have been reported in a small section of springfield dating back to september. the victims range in age from 42 to 15 years old. >> it's horrible. it's just terrible. >> reporter: diana wheeler says it's changed the way people live in this long-established neighborhood of 1950s ranch style houses. >> when i went down to see a neighbor down the street, she walked back halfway and watched me. then another neighbor, she was outdoors watching me. >> reporter: the victims say the suspect is a latino man, between
5:51 pm
5'6" and 5'8", and several times he's worn a red baseball cap. jackie bensen, news4. election night was a record night for social media. angie goff joins us with more on what people were searching and sharing as the results were coming in. >> this was the most social election ever. seconds after the race was called on air, there was a firestorm online. twitter reporting election day, the most tweeted about political event ever. 327,000 tweets per minute. in total, more than 20 million election related tweets all day. moments after barack obama was declared the winner, you didn't have to wait for a speech to hear from him. his tweet four more years along with this picture became the most popular post in twitter's history and got more than 3 million likes on facebook. as we take a look at some big trends in our area, look familiar? big bird waiting in line to vote. had is a
5:52 pm
this is all over the place. with the #stay in line. we also saw a lot of this. pictures of people from all over. this is based out of virginia. we were able to pull these out from our map showing people showing their voting pride. we saw a lot of pictures like this, of actual ballots. maybe not such a good idea. because in many states, this is illegal. in virginia, they ban public display of a marked ballot. one guy from pennsylvania actually posted video of his machine that wouldn't allow him to vote for obama. it has more than 4 million views. and officia confirm a machine similar to the one shown right here was indeed broken. at the news4 superextrescreen, goff, news4. complete coverage of all the races all over the country, join brian williams for a one-hour special edition of "nightly news" starting at 7:00 tonight. let's head back out to last night, first lady, known for making fashion statements, now we have details about that
5:53 pm
dress. she wore during the victory speech. actually it was early this morning. a magenta number made by michael coors. mrs. obama's wardrobe has been known to make fashionistas swoon. eva longoria said she was moved to tears when the results were announced. longoria served as president obama's co-chair and worked on latino outreach. she appeared in political commercials. she said she got emotional because she knows how hard the campaign worked. lady gaga plans to donate $1 million to the red cross to help superstorm sandy victims. new york-born singer blogged today saying she's pledging the money on behalf of her parents and sister. lady gaga said new york is a place full of relentless ambition. up next on news4 at 5:00 tonight, what caused those incredibly long lines in some parts of virginia. the iteam made the rounds to get some answers
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
in kenya today, two newborns were named in honor of last night's election. a 20-year-old mother decided to name her twins barack obama and mitt romney. she named them hours after the results of the leks were announced. a nurse at the hospital said it is not unusual for babies to be
5:57 pm
named after famous people. back in '08, she said some mothers named their babies barack or joe biden. at least they were on the same ticket. the fallout from the incredibly long voting lines in prince william county. >> tisha thompson has been following this since it broke yesterday. tisha, what do officials plan to do to fix this problem the next time? >> wendy, prince william county supervisor frank said he's sending a letter tonight to the board of elections, because he wants a full investigation into what happened at potomac middle school. as we reported last night, more than 1,000 people were standing in line at 5:00 p.m. waits were as long as four to five hours with the last people in line not getting a chance to actually vote until close to 11:00 p.m. there were only six machines at this location. critics, including the supervisor, and the county's democratic committee, say it resulted in voter suppression. because so many in this heavy
5:58 pm
minority precinct walked away without voting. we talked to betty wimer with the electoral board who said they plan to sit down and come up with a plan so it doesn't happen again in four years. and are already in the process of requesting more machines. but supervisor said he wants to know why the county denied the request for more money for new machines before the election. why there are so few machines. and promises to hold hearings as soon as possible. wendy, jim. president obama on his way back to washington. only hours after being reelected, he has begun work to mend a fractured country. that's on the very edge of a fiscal cliff. the next coastal storm is here. thousands of people who are still reeling from superstorm sandy are being told to evacuate again. the storm won't have much of an impact on us here. but we are getting ready for
5:59 pm
some weather changes. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. here's a live look now at the white house and capitol hill. the president has about two months to try to find some common ground with congressional republicans. the president reached out to party leaders with phone calls today. steve handelsman joins us from chicago with more on how the president won his second term, and what's ahead for him. steve? >> reporter: doreen, thanks, good evening. not just what's ahead for him, but what's ahead for us because of yesterday. here in chicago today, president obama called capitol hill, talked to congressional leaders, urged more bipartisanship, hoping yesterday's vote was the kind of jolt needed to get things done. reelected, with more than 300 electoral votes and the majority of the popular vote. president obama headed back to the white house. hoping his victory can break

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